I can publish the stuff on monday from a university nearby.


total blob objects   = 228384
total tree objects   = 172507 
total commit objects =  55877

The "empty" changesets which are noting merges are omitted at the
moment. Is it of interest to include them ??

It might also be interesting to export/merge the various
subsystem/maintainer trees including 2.4 into this archive. This would
cover the complete history 

Disk space according to # du -sh
blobs ~ 2GiB
tree and commit objects ~ 1.3GiB

I looked at the spread of the 450k+ objects over the 256 subdirectories
in my exported git repository:

total 456768
max per XX subdir = 1646
avg per XX subdir = 1784
min per XX subdir = 1936


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