> And racy. And not guaranteed to come up with fresh new files.

In theory perhaps.  In practice no.

Even mktemp(1) can collide, in theory, since there is no practical way
in shell scripts to hold open and locked the file from the instant of it
is determined to be a unique name.

The window of vulnerability for shell script tmp files is the lifetime
of the script - while the file sits there unlocked.  Anyone else with
permissions can mess with it.

More people will fail, and are already failing, using mktemp than I have
ever seen using $$ (I've never seen a documented case, and since such
files are not writable to other user accounts, such a collision would
typically not go hidden.)

Fast, simple portable solutions that work win over solutions with some
theoretical advantage that don't matter in practice, but also that are
less portable or less efficient.

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