earlier I wrote [*R1*]:

   - An explicit "update-cache [--add] [--remove] path" should
     be taken as a signal from the user (or Cogito) to tell the
     dircache layer "the merge is done and here is the result".
     So just delete higher-order stages for the path and record
     the specified path at stage 0 (or remove it altogether).

and I think this commit of yours implements the adding half.

    commit be7b1f05cea8e5213ffef8f74ebdefed2aacb6fc:1
    author Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1113678345 -0700
    committer Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1113678345 -0700

    When inserting a index entry of stage 0, remove all old unmerged entries.

I am wondering if you have a particular reason not to do the
same for the removing half.  Without it, currently I do not see
a way for the user or Cogito to tell dircache layer that the
merge should result in removal.  That is, other than first
adding a phony entry there (which brings the entry down to stage
0) and then immediately doing a regular update-cache --remove.
That is two instead of one reading of 1.6MB index file for the
kernel case.

Also do you have any comments on this one from the same message?

 * read-tree

   - When merging two trees, i.e. "read-tree -m A B", shouldn't
     we collapse identical stage-1/2 into stage-0?



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