Paul Jackson wrote:
David wrote:

It's a trade-off, I know.

So where do you recommend we make that trade-off?

I'd look at some of the more constraining, yet still common cases, and make sure it worked reasonably well without requiring magic. My list would be: ext2, ext3, NFS, and Windows' NTFS (stupid short filenames, case-insensitive/case-preserving). Samba shouldn't be more constraining than NTFS, and I would expect ReiserFS wouldn't be a constraining case. Bonus points if the names lengths are inside POSIX guarantees, but I bet the POSIX limits are so tiny as to be laughable. Bonus points for CD-ROM format with the Rock Ridge extensions (I _think_ DVDs and later use that format too, yes?), though if that didn't work tar files are an easy workaround. Imagine a full Linux kernel source repository, for 30+ (pick a number) years.. can the filesystems handle the number of objects in those cases? If it works, your infrastructure should be sufficiently portable to "just work" on others too.

Anyway, my two cents.

--- David A. Wheeler
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