Brad Roberts wrote:
Converted git to libgit. Moved all the main() calls into a single
multi-call binary - git-main.
Made extern a bunch of functions that were static. Verified it at least
still minimally worked.
Note: this is only a first step towards creating a generic library.
Figuring out what functions and variables *truly* need to be exported,
renaming them to a git_<function> api, making it thread safe
... and not least of all, keeping up with everybody working out of the
base tree... are problems that remain. Also - cleaning up the UI.

Why do all that static and main rearrangement?  It would be a lot simpler
and cleaner to simply rename the main's in place and add the new
dispatcher by itself.

0) I like multi-call binaries.

1) I wanted to get a first pass at what functions needed to be exported, and pulling out the mains was the fastest way to see what might be needed.

2) Agreed, about half of git-main.c needs to move back into the libraries, but that depends on deciding on the API for the formentioned functions... and leaving the mains parsing argv in the library itself seemed silly. So I moved them out. See 1)

In particular gotta chose the prefix itself git_<function> or cg_<_function> or cogito_<function>. I lean towards git_ myself - it'short and unique-looking, though I haven't verified that

When the useful to export functions are clearly identified they have to become named thus.

3) I'd really like to commonalize the UI and use longopts for the argument parsing. Linus indicated a preference for a certain argument order, longopts doesn't do that.

4) Like to make git thread safe (and ultimately, thread using - parallel diff, merge, fsck) and that means eliminating the globals, where appropriate. I've been thinking through the issues there (how about (GIT_THREAD)->some_variable and (GIT-GLOBAL)->some_variable where those define out when threads are disabled? Etc. There needs to be a git_init that does things like correctly and universally setting up the defaults, and atexit, etc, file locking needs to fixed...

5) I wanted to get something that still compiled, worked, and out for comment before I went to bed. :)

my current plan is to break out git.h back into it's subject "update-cache.h" etc, move all that into include/git, turn git.h into a master lazy man's include, come up with a scheme for the globals, get some sort of thread cleanliness and take a crack at making it shared.

and now to bed. All: Feel free to implement any of that....

Later, Brad

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Mike Taht

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