(ok, author looks better, but committer doesn't obey the AUTHOR_ vars yet)

This might not be how you intended git fork to behave, but without doing
_something_ to protect the head parameter a bit, this is just asking for a
corrutped .git/HEAD file.

commit 76faec069dfeae59c3ce5faaad10bdcded0cc908
tree c291316b28eff4042c80850cd93445345a606835
parent 1cdbc0a19b8d9b68f1f42735e2f14f1289823a63
author Brad Roberts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1113738584 -0700
committer Brad Roberts,,, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 1113738584 -0700

gitfork needs to normalize the optional third parameter before using it.

Index: gitfork.sh
--- 51b1bddbbc05e50d5bbf1f9662e503c2e85d5e96/gitfork.sh  (mode:100755 
+++ c291316b28eff4042c80850cd93445345a606835/gitfork.sh  (mode:100755 
@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
 [ -e "$destdir" ] && die "$destdir already exists"

 [ "$head" ] || head=$(commit-id)
+head=$(gitXnormid.sh -c $head)

 git lntree "$destdir"
 echo $head >.git/heads/$name

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