For people who run intermediate versions of git, it is useful to know
exactly which post-release version you've installed. This adds the
commit-id to the version info, so you can tell exactly, provided you make
sure to commit before installing.

Signed-Off-By: Daniel Barkalow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Index: Makefile
--- 08f7700831e056ad710af69f91e3a8a705b6b2b1/Makefile  (mode:100644 
+++ 6467ed39f19b48563ff25782ebe2c6f951b0af3c/Makefile  (mode:100644 
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
        @echo Generating
        @rm -f $@
        @echo "#!/bin/sh" > $@
-       @echo "echo \"$(shell cat $(VERSION))\"" >> $@
+       @echo "echo \"$(shell cat $(VERSION)) $(shell commit-id)\"" >> $@
        @chmod +x $@

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