Stefan-W. Hahn wrote:

after playing a while with git-pasky it is a crap to interpret the date of
commit logs. Though it was a good idea to put the date in a parseable format
(seconds since), but the format of the commit itself is not good parseable.

Should be:
Committer-Dater: 1113684324 +0200

I'm probably coming in late to the game, but exactly why is seconds-since-epoch format used instead of a format more easily understood by humans? Yes, I know tools can easily convert that, but you're already using an ASCII format; why not just record it in a format that's easily eyeballed like ISO's yyyymmddThhmmss [timezone]? E.G.: 20050417T171520 +0200 or some such? I'm SURE that people will mention things like "the patch I posted on April 17, 2005", and having the patch format record times that way, directly, would be convenient to the poor slobs^H^H^H^H^H developers who come later. Yes, a tool can handle the conversion, but choosing formats so a tool is unneeded for simple stuff is often better....!

--- David A. Wheeler
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