Linus wants to drive ahead, and ignore the collision issue for now,
and has been dismissive of the risks, he wants a result not heart
searching, and the list comments exhibit a confusion with the
engineering problem of avoiding accidental collisions v deliberate sabotage.

Since this is not a show-stopper, and getting the BK replacement in place
is time critical, and if you look at the code it is easy to extend the
content key, LET US just leave this issue for now.

Horst von Brand wrote:
> [...]
>>Linus has already weighed in that he doesn't give a crap.  All the
>>crypto-babble about collision whitepapers is uninteresting without a
>>repo that has real collisions.  git is far too cool as is - prove I
>>should be concerned.
> Just copy over a file (might be the first step in splitting it, or a
> header file that is duplicated for convenience, ...)

mit freundlichen Grüßen, Brian.

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