Would it be useful at this point to make common and centralize some/most of the various options that control git? (as well as add some useful ones). Something like:

struct _git_opt {
        int verbose:1;
        int debug:1;
        int dry-run:1;
        int should_block:1;
        int remove_lock:1;
        int allow_add:1;
        int allow_remove:1;
        int null_termination:1;
        int show_cached:1;
        int show_deleted:1;
        int show_others:1;
        int show_ignored:1;
        int show_stage:1;
        int show_unmerged:1;
        int show_edges:1;
        int show_unreachable:1;
        int basemask:1;
        int recursive:1;
        int force_filename:1;
        int force:1;
        int quiet:1;
        int stage:1;


Mike Taht

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