How will git handle a corrupted (git) file system?

For instance, what can be done if objects/xy/z{38} does not pass the
simple consistency test, i.e. if the file's sha1 hash is not xyz{38}?
This might be a serious problem because, in general, one cannot
reconstruct the contents of file objects/xy/z{38} from its name

Another problem might come up if the file does pass the simple
consistency test but the file's contents is not a valid git file,
i.e. something that

 (*) successfully inflates to a stream of bytes that forms a sequence of
 <ascii tag without space> + <space> + <ascii decimal size> +
 <byte\0> + <binary object data>.

Are there enough internal redundancies in git to allow fixing at least
some corrupted file systems? Shouldn't there be some?

Another related observation is that git is not really based on a 160 bit
hashing scheme. Indeed, only files that satisfy the above condition
(*) are allowed and this most certainly reduces the valid range of the
hashing function. I do not think that this will be a problem, but it
doesn't hurt to point this out once.


Imre Simon

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