On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, James Bottomley wrote:
> I had a problem with the SCSI tree in that there's a file removal in one
> branch.  Your git-merge-one-file-script wouldn't have handled this
> correctly: It seems to think that the file must be removed in both
> branches, which is wrong.

Yes, I agree. My current "merge-one-file-script" doesn't actually look at 
what the original file was in this situation, and clearly it should. I 
think I'll leave it for the user to decide what happens when somebody has 
modified the deleted file, but clearly we should delete it if the other 
branch has not touched it.

I suspect that I should just pass in the SHA1 of the files to the
"merge-one-file-script" from "merge-cache", rather than unpacking it.  
After all, the merging script can do the unpacking itself with a simple
"cat-file blob $sha1".

And the fact is, many of the trivial merges should be handled by just
looking at the content, and doing a "cmp" on the files seems to be a
stupid way to do that when we had the sha1 earlier.

Done, and pushed out. Does the new merge infrastructure work for you?

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