On Mon, Apr 18, 2005 at 10:23:32AM +0100, Russell King wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 17, 2005 at 04:24:24PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Russell King wrote:
> > > I pulled it tonight into a pristine tree (which of course worked.)
> > 
> > Goodie.
> Note the "pristine".  Now comes the real test...
> > > In doing so, I noticed that I'd messed up one of the commits - there's
> > > a missing new file.  Grr.  I'll put that down to being a newbie git.
> > 
> > Actually, you should put that down to horribly bad interface tools.  With
> > BK, we had these nice tools that pointed out that there were files that
> > you might want to commit (ie "bk citool"), and made this very obvious.
> > 
> > Tools absolutely matter. And it will take time for us to build up that 
> > kind of helper infrastructure. So being newbie might be part of it, but 
> > it's the smaller part, I say. Rough interfaces is a big issue.
> Ok, I just tried pulling your tree into the tree you pulled from, and
> got this:

Since this happened, I've been working out what state my tree is in,
and I restored it back to a state where I had one dangling commit head,
which was _my_ head.

I then checked whether my objects matched the objects which I uploaded
to master.kernel.org, and discovered I'd removed some extra ones.  With
them restored, I have an additional dangling commit.

Now, I'm pretty sure that I had an up to date tree when I did the
original commits, so I'm a little confused.

What I'm seeing is:

+- e7905b2f22eb5d5308c9122b9c06c2d02473dd4f
   +- dc90c0db0dd5214aca5304fd17ccd741031e5493 <-- extra dangling head
   +- 488faba31f59c5960aabbb2a5877a0f2923937a3
      +- 5d9a545981893629c8f95e2b8b50d15d18c6ddbc
         +- d5922e9c35d21f0b6b82d1fd8b1444cfce57ca34
            +- ff219d69be01af1fd04ada305b5fe7cd4c563cc6
               +- df4449813c900973841d0fa5a9e9bc7186956e1e <-- my head

It's very much like I somehow committed against the _parent_ of the
head, rather than the head itself.

However, I've lost the state that this tree was in when I did the initial
commit, so who knows why this happened...  I think it's something to
keep an eye out for though.

Russell King

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