Catalin Marinas wrote:
Ingo Molnar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

i've converted the Linux kernel CVS tree into 'flat patchset' format, which gave a series of 28237 separate patches. (Each patch represents a changeset, in the order they were applied. I've used the cvsps

AFAIK, cvsps uses the date/time to create the changesets. There is a
problem with the BKCVS export since some files in the same commit can
have a different time (by an hour). I posted a mail some time ago
about this -

I read that the old history won't be merged into the new repository
but, if you are interested, I have a script that can do this based on
the "(Logical change ...)" string in the file commit logs and it is
quite fast at generating the patches.

Hmmm. I read that message just now. Is it a matter of 'perfection' that is the issue here, or actual correctness when applying the patches in order?

(perhaps this has now been fixed).


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