Petr Baudis wrote:
[Re: Daniel Barkalow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>'s patch] Note that you are breaking gcc-2.95 compatibility when using declarator
in the middle of a block. Not that it might be a necessarily bad thing
;-) (although I still use gcc-2.95 a lot), just to ring a bell so that
it doesn't slip through unnoticed and we can decide on a policy
regarding this.

I, at least, would REALLY like to see _highly_ portable C code; I'm looking at git as a potential long-term useful SCM tool for LOTS of projects, and if you're going to write C, it'd be nice to just write it portably to start with. There's certainly no crisis in using separate declarators.

In fact, in the LONG term I'd like to see the shell code
replaced with code that easily runs "everywhere" (Windows, etc.),
again, for portability's sake.  I think that would be unwise to
do that right now; the shell is an excellent prototyping tool.
But once things have settled down & there's been some experience
with the tools, the pieces could be slowly recoded.
(Yes, I know of & use Cygwin. And I prefer Python over Perl,
but I'm really uninterested in language wars.)

--- David A. Wheeler
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