* Kevin Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Klaus Robert Suetterlin wrote:
> > 1) There is no clear (e.g. by name) distinction between ``git as done
> > by Linus'', which is a kind of content addressable database with added
> > semantics, and ``git as done by the rest of You'', which is a kind of
> > SCM on top of Linuses stuff.
> I also see this as one of the biggest obstacles right now. It would be 
> very helpful if we could achieve the clear separation between git and 
> non-git that has been part of the design since the beginning.
> Git is very immature, and currently should only be used by brave 
> pioneers. About the only way for a mortal to even try git is to stick 
> to git-pasky releases, and not try to track all the patches flying 
> around.

hey, it's a 2 weeks old project, but it's certainly one of the 
fastest-growing projects i've ever seen: it has so much steam that it's 
scary :) It seems that a true emergency focused a massive, spontaneous 
concentration of OSS development power.

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