Greg KH <greg <at>> writes:
> Looks good, care to post the updated version?

What about a git repo of gitweb? is nice with the browse function. BTW, but there's a '1' artefact
right after the browse link in action=show_tree :-)

Kay, your script is really nice, good job!

Here are some random ideas:
* make *any* hash clickable instead of the (show xx) links.
  Applicable in show_log, show_diff
* in show_diff, keep a back link to cset
* provide a download link in show_file (as well as show_cset/show_diff ?)
* obfuscate against spam the mail adresses in show_log?
* use of colors in show_log (commiter, author, ..)
* perhaps borrow some ideas from other SCM web interfaces besides BK
* kindly ask to host your script one day?

All the best,

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