On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Petr Baudis wrote:
> I'd actually prefer, if:
> (i) checkout-cache simply wouldn't touch files whose stat matches with
> what is in the cache; it updates the cache with the stat informations
> of touched files

Run "update-cache --refresh" _before_ doing the "checkout-cache", and that 
is exactly what will happen.

But yes, if you want to make checkout-cache update the stat info (Ingo 
wanted to do that too), it should be possible. The end result is a 
combination of "update-cache" and "checkout-cache", though: you'll 
effectively need to both (just in one pass).

With the current setup, you have to do

        update-cache --refresh
        checkout-cache -f -a
        update-cache --refresh

which is admittedly fairly inefficient.

The real expense right now of a merge is that we always forget all the
stat information when we do a merge (since it does a read-tree). I have a
cunning way to fix that, though, which is to make "read-tree -m" read in
the old index state like it used to, and then at the end just throw it
away except for the stat information.

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