Jon Seymour <jon.seymour <at>> writes: 
> It seems to me that file-orientation is here to stay and it would be 
> really cool to layer some kind of virtual filesystem over the git 
> repository so that different trees become transparently accessible via 
> different branches of a file system, e.g.: 
>     /mnt/gitfs/working                  # some kind of writeable virtual 
directory over the git cache 
>     /mnt/gitfs/c157067185209b50b350571fe762c2740ea13fc1  # read-only tree of 
commit c157... 
>     /mnt/gitfs/5b53d3a08d64198d26d4f2323f235790c04aeaab # read-only tree of 
comit 5b53... 
Ah, you mean wrapping the libgit in a FUSE plugin and let 
the Linux pagecache/dentry cache do the caching of on-demand 
inflated blobs and indexes? Would the hash be the "inode number"? 

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