ok it's starting to look like spam ;-)

I uploaded a new version of wit to http://www.absolutegiganten.org/wit

Wit is a web interface for git. Right now it includes: views of blob,
commit and tree objects, generating patches for the commits, downloading
of gz or bzip2 tarballs of trees.

It's easy to setup and a simple stand alone server configuration is

* first release which is tested on the current kernel.git archive
* fix diffTree output by using -r
* enhance the patch generation to work against multiple parents
* remove temporary files after diff generation
* fix the tar generation by using the recursive ls-tree variant
* disable colored link on tree objects

I still hope that I'll get feedback someday ;-)


Christian Meder, email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The Way-Seeking Mind of a tenzo is actualized 
by rolling up your sleeves.

                (Eihei Dogen Zenji)

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