* Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > I think pull is pull.  If you are doing lots of local stuff and do not
> > want it overwritten, it should have been in a forked branch.
> I disagree. This already forces you to have two branches (one to pull 
> from to get the data, mirroring the remote branch, one for your real 
> work) uselessly and needlessly.
> I think there is just no good name for what pull is doing now, and 
> update seems like a great name for what pull-and-merge really is. Pull 
> really is pull - it _pulls_ the data, while update also updates the 
> given tree. No surprises.

yeah. In fact most of the times i did 'git pull pasky' in the past, the 
'merge' phase was unsuccessful, and i had to nuke the tree and recreate 
it.  All i did with the snapshots was to build them, so there were no 
local changes. Waiting a couple of days with doing a 'git pull pasky', 
or installing Linus' tree is a sure way to break the merging.

e.g. to reproduce the last such failure i had today, do:

 cd git-pasky-base
 echo 8568e1a88c086d1b72b0e84ab24fa6888b5861b9 > .git/HEAD
 read-tree $(tree-id $(cat .git/HEAD))
 checkout-cache -a -f
 make install           # make sure to use the older tools
 rm -rf .git/objects
 git pull pasky

and i get:

 fatal: unable to execute 'gitmerge-file.sh'
 fatal: merge program failed

        Conflicts during merge. Do git commit after resolving them.

note that with earlier versions of pasky, i had other merge conflicts.  
Sometimes there were .rej files, sometimes some sort of script failure.  
So it seems rather unrobust at the moment. Especially if i happen to 
install Linus' tree and try to sync the pasky tree with those tools.

another thing: it's confusing that during 'git pull', the rsync output 
is not visible. Especially during large rsyncs, it would be nice to see 
some progress. So i usually use a raw rsync not 'git pull', due to this.

yet another thing: what is the canonical 'pasky way' of simply nuking 
the current files and checking out the latest tree (according to 
.git/HEAD). Right now i'm using a script to:

  read-tree $(tree-id $(cat .git/HEAD))
  checkout-cache -a

(i first do an 'rm -f *' in the working directory)

i guess there's an existing command for this already?

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