thanks to my friend Frank Sattelberger I got access to a site where I
could set up a demo for wit:


Couple of notes wrt why I work on another git web interface compared
with Kay's work:

* I was already experimenting and implementing for a couple of days when
Kay's tool was first announced and I didn't want to throw away my
feature set

* the Web API: wit has a different philosophy when it comes to URIs: The
stable URI mapping should translate in a straightforward fashion to
git: /blob/<sha1> /tree/<sha1>, /tree/<sha>/diff/<sha1>, etc.; no URL

* wit is more of a git view right now: it only uses git and tries to
stay close to the repository browsing paradigm (see the API issue above)

* wit provides tarballs and patches but that's an easy one for Kay

* wit looks uglier but that will hopefully change soon ;-)

* I'm a not a Perl guy

I'm still seeking feedback ;-)



Christian Meder, email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The Way-Seeking Mind of a tenzo is actualized 
by rolling up your sleeves.

                (Eihei Dogen Zenji)

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