`git', by Linus Torvalds, contains some very good ideas and some
very entertaining source code -- recommended reading for hackers.

/GNU Arch/ will adopt `git':

>From the /Arch/ perspective: `git' technology will form the
basis of a new archive/revlib/cache format and the basis
of new network transports.

>From the `git' perspective, /Arch/ will replace the lame "directory
cache" component of `git' with a proper revision control system.

In my view, the core ideas in `git' are quite profound and deserve
an impeccable implementation.   This is practical because those ideas
are also pretty simple.

I started here:


and for those interested in `git'-theory, a good place to start is


(Linus is not literally a "client" of mine.  That's just the directory 
where this goes.)

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