C. Scott Ananian wrote:
On Wed, 20 Apr 2005, David Greaves wrote:

In doing this I noticed a couple of points:
* update-cache won't accept ./file or fred/./file

The comment in update-cache.c reads:
 * We fundamentally don't like some paths: we don't want
 * dot or dot-dot anywhere, and in fact, we don't even want
 * any other dot-files (.git or anything else). They
 * are hidden, for chist sake.
 * Also, we don't want double slashes or slashes at the
 * end that can make pathnames ambiguous.

It could be argued that './' is a special case... but at the moment this is definitely a designed 'feature' not a 'bug'.

Indeed - I've been reading the code to document it as correctly as possible.

But I actually found this by running:

  find . -type f | xargs git add

for a new project - so I'd class it as user unfriendly...
Yes, I know how to get round it :)

I have ensured that my next perl version of gitadd.pl (that I submitted to Petr) doesn't allow these files to be added - and it could even cleanse leading ./ and any /./ constructs.

So maybe it's left as documented behaviour and higher level tools must manage the data they feed to it...

I hope it's useful to raise these niggles now before changing them is too hard.


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