Linus Torvalds wrote:

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005, Rhys Hardwick wrote:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/repo/tmp.repo$ commit-tree  
Committing initial tree c80156fafbac377ab35beb076090c8320f874f91

At this point, the command seems to be just waiting.

That's _exactly_ what it's doing. It's waiting for you to write a commit message.

Something like

        This is my initial commit of Hello World!

will make it happy.

Alternatively, you can certainly just write your message beforehand with an editor and just pipe it into commit-tree.


When someone commits the docs I'll submit the next patch for the README:

        commit-tree <sha1> [-p <parent sha1>...] < changelog

Creates a new commit object based on the provided tree object and
emits the new commit object id on stdout. If no parent is given then
it is considered to be an initial tree.

A commit comment is read from stdin (max 999 chars)

A commit object usually has 1 parent (a commit after a change) or 2
parents (a merge) although there is no reason it cannot have more than
2 parents.

While a tree represents a particular directory state of a working
directory, a commit represents that state in "time", and explains how
to get there.

Normally a commit would identify a new "HEAD" state, and while git
doesn't care where you save the note about that state, in practice we
tend to just write the result to the file ".git/HEAD", so that we can
always see what the last committed state was.


        An existing tree object

-p <parent sha1>
        Each -p indicates a the id of a parent commit object.

Commit Information

A commit encapsulates:
        all parent object ids
        author name, email and date
        committer name and email and the commit time.

If not provided, commit-tree uses your name, hostname and domain to
provide author and committer info. This can be overridden using the
following environment variables.
(nb <,> and CRs are stripped)

see also: write-tree

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