I uploaded a new snapshot to http://www.absolutegiganten.org/wit

The changes are

* c2html usage is configurable now
* add flexible /changelog/<number of entries>, <number of days> and all
* improve display of dates
* implement all the nice ideas from Kay Sievers gitweb.pl
* try to validate most of the dynamic URIs
* sanitize logging and move host and port configuration to config.py
* add copyright headers to source files
* add a simple start script
* change default web serving mode of wit to multithreading

If I weren't so tired I'd write something cool and nifty for sure

The demo site is at




Christian Meder, email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The Way-Seeking Mind of a tenzo is actualized 
by rolling up your sleeves.

                (Eihei Dogen Zenji)

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