Dear diary, on Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 02:20:27AM CEST, I got a letter
where Steven Cole <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> told me that...
> Actually, I meant "patch -p1 <stuff_from_above".

So, how did it end up?

Actually, never mind. I forgot that I bring the local changes forward as
patches instead. So this is Harmless (tm). It means the patch containing
your local changes has just that kind of git diff output containing
filename: hash. I will probably just chain grep -v '^[^+-@ ]' in front
of patch. (Someone starting his filename with a space _deserves_ the
trouble. ;-)

> But before doing that, I did a fsck-cache as follows, with these results.
> This seems damaged.
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] git-pasky-0.6.2]$ fsck-cache --unreachable $(cat .git/HEAD)

You can't do just this. In Cogito repository, you may have multiple
branches, each with different HEAD of course. So you need to

        fsck-cache --unreachable $(cat .git/heads/*)

                                Petr "Pasky" Baudis
C++: an octopus made by nailing extra legs onto a dog. -- Steve Taylor
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