>>>>> "Petr" == Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Petr> Perhaps it would be useful to have some "command classes" (with at least
Petr> cg-*-(add|ls|rm)), like:

Petr>   cg-branch-ls
Petr>   cg-remote-rm
Petr>   cg-tag-add

Just speaking of consistency, can we make it so that all the commands
are just variations with out the damm dashes in them?  Something like:

  git lsbranch
  git lstag

Or something mildly along those lines.  I don't even care what ORDER
they are, whether the 'ls' comes before or after the object type it
works on.  But make it the same every where, so that ls, rm, add,
check, foo, barzle, ... all use the same format. 

Makes it much much easier to extrapolate what command syntax to use
when new objects to be acted upon are added.

Does a standard like:

  git <objecttype> <command> <args> [<obj> ...]

make sense?  Easy to script, easy to remember.  Even munging
<objtype><command> into a single word is ok.

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