Petr Baudis wrote:

Make a choice - either you are describing git or Cogito. The frmer has no RSYNC_FLAGS and does not care about any heads or anything at all (you might mention it as a recommended convention, though).

I was going to do both - surely that's OK?

The only reason it's core so far is that I started working my way through the code alphabetically (having no other clue where to start!)

As it turns out it will probably make sense to do all the core first - but I don't want to miss things so as I read through all the mails and extract content, I make a note of things like environment variables which I'll bulk up and cross reference later.

I may even change my mind and make notes on Cogito if that takes my fancy too ;)

I know it's not polished yet - but I'd rather publish it and have people catch mistakes.


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