> > It seems that someone should write "Kernel hacker's guide to
> > git"... Documentation/git.txt seems like good place. I guess I'll do
> > it.
> I've also started writing some tutorial-like guide to Cogito on my
> notebook, but I have time for that only during lectures. :^)

Well, this will be really short and really kernel oriented.

> > > I'm not yet sure if we should have some Cogito interface for doing this
> > > and what its semantics should be.
> > 
> > What is Cogito, BTW?
> New name for git-pasky. Everyone will surely rejoice as the usage will
> change significantly. But better let's clean it up now.
> (For more details, check git@ archives for git-pasky-0.6
> announcement.)

I liked git, and git-pasky did not seem too wrong, either... I did
google search for cogito, and there are several companies named that
way, and some are software-related. git was bad name, but cogito seems
bad, too. I'd stick with git.

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