>>>>> "MU" == Matthias Urlichs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

MU>  # (my ext3 doesn't).
MU>  CFLAGS=-g -O3 -Wall
MU> +DEST=$(HOME)/bin
MU>  install: $(PROG) $(GEN_SCRIPT)
MU> -   install $(PROG) $(SCRIPT) $(GEN_SCRIPT) $(HOME)/bin/
MU> +   install $(PROG) $(SCRIPT) $(GEN_SCRIPT) $(DEST)/
I sent essentially the same some time ago and got a comment to
follow established naming convention.

Many people seem to call What you are calling DEST above BINDIR
and DEST or DESTDIR usually means something completely
different.  It goes like this:

    # DESTDIR=

            install foobar $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)/

  $ su ;# personal machine install by local root
  # make BINDIR=/usr/local/bin install

  # binary package creation
  $ make BINDIR=/usr/bin DESTDIR=/var/tmp/tmp-inst install
  $ tar Ccf /var/tmp/tmp-inst tarball.tar.gz .

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