On Thu, 21 Apr 2005 12:19:32 -0500 Joel Schopp wrote:

| I downloaded git-pasky 0.6.2. I cannot compile it because my zlib | version is 1.1.4 and git-pasky relies on function deflateBound() which | wasn't introduced until zlib version 1.2.x Is there a patch out there | to work around this and maybe conditionally compile based on the zlib | version?

Here's a quick (read: nasty, dreadful) hack to port git
to older systems like Red Hat Linux 9 which have old versions
of zlib & mktemp. Someone who actually spent two seconds
on this can no doubt give you a better solution, but it "worked for me".

Edit sha1_file.c, and change the line:
size = deflateBound(&stream, len);
size = len + 1024; /* 1024=emergency extra space */
The "deflateBound" call just finds out the maximum amount of allocation space.
The documentation says that "deflateBound() may return a
conservative value that may be larger than /sourceLen/" in certain cases,
which worried me. So to be safe I just added a big pile of excess space to "len";
I suspect that "size = len" is sufficient but I didn't investigate it.

If you're trying to get this to work on Red Hat Linux 9, you'll
have another problem too: old versions of "mktemp"
don't support the "-t" option. Other old distributions will
have the same problem.  To find these cases, do:
grep "mktemp.*-t" *
and edit all the files to remove the "-t" option from mktemp.
That's the bare minimum to make it work; a much
cleaner solution would to specify the tempdir, e.g.,:
mktemp ${TMPDIR:-/tmp/}gitci.XXXXX
or even more portably, write the shell code to set TMPDIR to "/tmp"
locally if it's not set, then use $TMPDIR everywhere.

Not a good final solution, but enough to get started in the interim.
In long term, this should be made more portable, but it's
only ~2 weeks old after all. Some people are trying to fly this plane
to transport a buffalo herd, while others are working to attach the wings :-).

--- David A. Wheeler

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