Linus Torvalds writes:

> Interestingly, the Mozilla SHA1 code is about twice as fast as the openssl
> code on my G5, and judging by the disassembly, it's because it's much
> simpler. I think the openssl people have unrolled all the loops totally,
> which tends to be a disaster on any half-way modern CPU. But hey, it could
> be something as simple as optimization flags too.

Which gcc version are you using?

I get the opposite result on my 2GHz G5: the Mozilla version does
45MB/s, the openssl version does 135MB/s, and my version does 218MB/s.
The time for a fsck-cache on a linux-2.6 tree (cache hot) is 8.0
seconds for the Mozilla version, 5.2 seconds for the openssl version,
and 4.4 seconds for my version.

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