Sven Verdoolaege:
> > Because my code doesn't support compressed cvs connections:
> > a -z that doesn't work except for the rlog part would be a lie.
> I was talking about the cvsps '-z' option (see current git-cvsimport-script).
> Are you saying you want to reserve that option to signify compressed
> cvs connections ?
Sorry, I was confused -- with cvsps, -capital-Z says to compress.

Ideally, I'd prefer to recycle standard CVS options as much as possible, 
but given that the confusion is already there (worse: cvs' -z wants an
argument (compression level), cvsps' -Z doesn't) that may not actually
make sense. *Shrug*

I'm too happy when other people improve my tools to get hung up on
details like that. ;-)

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