>>>>> "PB" == Petr Baudis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

PB> Any reason why this was not applied? It appears kind of cool.

FYI, the one in <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> is
newer than what you quoted.

One thing _I_ am unhappy about what it does is that it does not
try to be intelligent about merges (I haven't tried the script
on a merged head myself).

When you think about "project lead" vs "individual developer"
modes of operation, the latter is primarily "keep rebasing
commits in my fork and re-throwing them upstream until some of
them stick", so not supporting merges specially would not be so
big a flaw.  However, at least it should use --merge-order to
get the epochs decomposed right, in order to produce anything
remotely useful when dealing with a merged head.

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