I have re-issued the patches I have created in the last day after checking
that they apply correctly when applied in this order to the
current Linus HEAD (b43d44779bf98977b211256f936d0edda8a9625a)

Introduction of --topo-order and tidy up of rev-list.c

[PATCH 1/13] Temporary fixup to rev-list.c to restore expected order of 
arguments presented to --merge-order sort.
[PATCH 2/13] Swap order of insert_by_date arguments
[PATCH 3/13] Introduce struct rev_list_fns to rev-list.c to reduce amount of 
conditional processing.
[PATCH 4/13] Add a topological sort procedure to commit.c [rev 4]
[PATCH 5/13] Introduce --topo-order switch to git-rev-list
[PATCH 6/13] Change gitk so that it uses --topo-order rather than --merge-order
[PATCH 7/13] Tidy up - slight simplification of rev-list.c
[PATCH 8/13] Fix handling of duplicates by topological order.

Tidy up and extension of t6xxx test cases

[PATCH 9/13] Factor out useful test case infrastructure from t/t6001... into 
[PATCH 10/13] Introduce unit tests for git-rev-list --bisect
[PATCH 11/13] Change the sed seperator in t/t6000-lib.sh.

Test for and fix of recently discovered --merge-order bug

[PATCH 12/13] Add a t/t6001 test case for a --merge-order bug
[PATCH 13/13] Fixes a problem with --merge-order A B (A is linear descendent of 
a merge B)
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