has stopped showing my linux-2.6 tree (the
"to Linus" one, my "test-2.6" tree is still there).

This is probably my fault ... but I'm not sure exactly why.

Here's what I did.  Last Thursday I applied a set of patches ... and my "apply"
script choked on one of them.  Some casual inspection convinced me that the
changes had been applied, and I pushed the tree up to

But I was wrong, the 2nd out od a series of six was all messed up.  And I'd
applied a couple more patches on top of that.  Since none of this had been
pulled by Linus, I thought I'd clean it up and apologise to anyone who had
pulled from my tree.

So I backed HEAD up to the last good commit.  Re-applied the changes with
a fixed version of the script, and then expected to find some detritus from
the first application in .git/objects.  But "git-fsck-cache --unreachable ..."
only complained about the 2.6.11 tag/tree.  Odd.

Then I pushed up to ... and an hour later when the mirrors
did their thing, git-web stopped showing my tree.

HEAD is still a symlink to refs/heads/master.  And that has the SHA1 of my
most recent commit ... which is present in .git/objects.

So what's wrong???

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