On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Kevin Smith wrote:
> Absolutely. For the kernel it might not make sense, but I view it as a 
> really important feature for tiny projects around the world. Even a CGI 
> requirement makes it impossible to serve a project from free or really 
> cheap web hosts. Plain HTTP is the only protocol available to people who 
> have no extra money to spend on hosting accounts.

Well, the http approach always works as well as an "rsync", ie you can 
always replace "rsync" with "wget -r -c" or similar.

But the end result will be a purely dumb mirror of what the other side 
had, ie it will have all the same problems rsync has with things like 
multiple branches etc (it will get all of them, not just the objects 
needed from the one branch you're trying to pull).

So it's not pretty. But it obviously does work: pack-files haven't changed
the fact that git is a append-only thing that lives entirely in the
filesystem space and doesn't have any "dynamic content" (ie nothing is 
hidden inside server state).

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