>  $ git checkout -f v2.6.11 ;# fixed one
>  warning: v2.6.11 is not a commit -- not updating your HEAD
>  $ git commit ;# to have his own baseline at v2.6.11
>  $ git-apply --index --stat --summary --apply <../old-patch-file
>  $ : do the usual tests
>  $ git commit ;# create a commit based on the baseline v2.6.11

Interesting note.  I tried the git-apply command and found that it
complained and wouldn't succeed.

  [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~...embedded/linux-2.6 > git-apply --index --stat --summary 
--apply < ../ms16/ide.patch 
  error: patch failed: drivers/ide/ide-io.c:129
  error: drivers/ide/ide-io.c: patch does not apply

Yet, patch does apply.

  [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~...embedded/linux-2.6 > patch -p1 < ../ms16/ide.patch
  patching file drivers/ide/arm/ide_arm.c
  patching file drivers/ide/arm/ide-lpd7952x.c
  patching file drivers/ide/arm/ide-lpd7a40x.c
  patching file drivers/ide/arm/Makefile
  patching file drivers/ide/ide-disk.c
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 282 (offset 41 lines).
  Hunk #2 succeeded at 294 (offset 41 lines).
  patching file drivers/ide/ide-io.c
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 96 with fuzz 2 (offset -33 lines).
  Hunk #2 succeeded at 1227 (offset 189 lines).
  Hunk #3 succeeded at 1388 (offset 189 lines).
  Hunk #4 succeeded at 1689 (offset 187 lines).
  patching file drivers/ide/ide-iops.c
  patching file drivers/ide/ide-probe.c
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 422 (offset 51 lines).
  Hunk #2 succeeded at 784 (offset 59 lines).
  Hunk #3 succeeded at 847 (offset 59 lines).
  Hunk #4 succeeded at 1112 (offset 64 lines).
  Hunk #5 succeeded at 1172 (offset 64 lines).
  patching file drivers/ide/Kconfig
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 272 (offset -1 lines).
  Hunk #2 succeeded at 781 (offset 5 lines).
  patching file drivers/ide/legacy/ht6560b.c
  patching file drivers/ide/legacy/qd65xx.c
  patching file drivers/ide/pci/ns87415.c
  patching file drivers/ide/pci/sl82c105.c
  patching file drivers/ide/pci/trm290.c
  patching file drivers/ide/ppc/pmac.c
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 572 (offset 61 lines).
  Hunk #2 succeeded at 596 (offset 61 lines).
  patching file include/linux/ide.h
  Hunk #1 succeeded at 961 (offset 1 line).
  Hunk #2 succeeded at 1497 (offset -14 lines).

It should be obvious that a patch that doesn't apply cleanly,
i.e. without rejects, is still useful to apply so that I can fix the
places where it fails.

  o Why does patch work and git-apply fail?
  o Is there a way to force git to apply and safe the rejects?
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