* Marco Costalba <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Here is qgit-0.7, a GUI git viewer.
> you can download from:
> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/qgit/qgit-0.7.tar.gz?download
> This time a small changelog, but a lot of work ;-)
> - rewrite of graph drawing
> - start-up loading: switch to use git-rev-list --topo-order
> - final fixes to annotation
> - cache of file lists to speed-up loading of file names
> - added color background on heads

the good news: it's really fast now and very usable for browsing 
changes.  Kudos!

the bad news: except for annotations. I started qgit in the current 
kernel GIT repository, and clicked on the following commit:


then i clicked on sched.c to see the annotated file. Firstly, it took 
roughly 2 minutes (!) for the annotated sched.c to show up. All the qgit 
windows were fully frozen during that time, no refreshes or anything.  
My kernel tree was fully cached in RAM, so it was pure CPU overhead 
(qgit was taking 99% of CPU time). It is clearly not usable in this 

then the annotations were plain wrong. Almost all lines are attributed 
to Tony Luck, while much of the file comes from the initial repository.  
So something's quite fishy here. Also, a number of lines were attributed 
to 'merge', which isnt very informative.

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