Am I doing something wrong?

% cg-version 
cogito-0.12 (a2503fd85e6bb7f25d134a5634a1d8efc93fee5f)

% cg-clone -s ../linux-2.6
defaulting to local storage area
`/home/yoshfuji/GIT/linux-2.6+test/../linux-2.6/.git/refs/heads/master' -> 
progress: 1011 objects, 2976247 bytes
does not exist 
Cannot obtain needed tree 3b791b97522eb19f885a5c906d70c296a628ed25
while processing commit 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
cg-pull: objects pull failed
cg-init: pull failed
rm: cannot remove `.' or `..'

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