All of my patches have been applied to git and cogito except for the
first one, the patch that adds the --no-check option to
git-write-tree.  This is problematic because one of the patches that
Petr applied to cogito requires git-write-tree --no-check.

As well, there are two bugs in cg-init:  the one that Joel Becker
found, plus the -N option needs to be passed to cg-commit.

Finally, Junio suggested that the --no-check option be renamed to

These patches fix the situation up.

1/4: bugfix for cg-init ARGV
2/4: bugfix for cg-init.
3/4: add --missing-ok option to git-write-tree.
4/4: change cg-commit to use --missing-ok instead of --no-check.
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