When we allow a tag object in place of a commit object, we only
dereferenced the given tag once, which causes a tag that points
at a tag that points at a commit to be rejected.  Instead,
dereference tag repeatedly until we get a non-tag.

This patch makes change to two functions:

 - commit.c::lookup_commit_reference() is used by merge-base,
   rev-tree and rev-parse to convert user supplied SHA1 to that of
   a commit.
 - rev-list uses its own get_commit_reference() to do the same.

Dereferencing tags this way helps both of these uses.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

*** Whether having a tag pointing at another tag is a separate
*** issue, but I do not see a reason to forbid it.  Maybe it
*** is used to represent a chain of trust.

 commit.c   |    5 +++--
 rev-list.c |    4 ++--
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/commit.c b/commit.c
--- a/commit.c
+++ b/commit.c
@@ -52,8 +52,9 @@ struct commit *lookup_commit_reference(c
        if (!obj)
                return NULL;
-       if (obj->type == tag_type)
-               obj = ((struct tag *)obj)->tagged;
+       while (obj->type == tag_type)
+               obj = parse_object(((struct tag *)obj)->tagged->sha1);
        return check_commit(obj, sha1);
diff --git a/rev-list.c b/rev-list.c
--- a/rev-list.c
+++ b/rev-list.c
@@ -367,12 +367,12 @@ static struct commit *get_commit_referen
         * Tag object? Look what it points to..
-       if (object->type == tag_type) {
+       while (object->type == tag_type) {
                struct tag *tag = (struct tag *) object;
                object->flags |= flags;
                if (tag_objects && !(object->flags & UNINTERESTING))
                        add_pending_object(object, tag->tag);
-               object = tag->tagged;
+               object = parse_object(tag->tagged->sha1);

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