On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Bryan Larsen wrote:
> > 
> > Most everything includes git-sh-setup-script anyway by now.
> > 
> > However, what are the features that break the default apple tools anyway? 
> > Maybe we should avoid using them? OSX clearly comes with "cp" and "xargs" 
> > regardless, what are the flags that don't work with their cruddy versions?
> xargs -r, cp -l, cp -u, cp -a.  Git uses the first 2, cogito uses all 4.

I think we can replace "xargs -r" with just plain "xargs". It results in 
an empty "rm -f", but hey, that's ok. If some broken "rm" complains about 
that (GNU rm doesn't), you can always do

        find .. | xargs rm -f dummy-file.o

which makes sure that we have a dummy argument even for an empty list..

> Last night, I couldn't think of alternatives to these, but I obviously 
> didn't try very hard.  xargs -r can probably happen via a temporary file 
> and cp -u can probably be simulated using rsync.

I don't see a good alternative for "cp -l".

I also don't see why, if OS-X already _does_ include the GNU tools, they 
couldn't be under /opt/fsf/bin or something like that, and then you could 
just do


and be done with it.


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