here is Cogito 0.12.1, another desperate attempt to keep pace with
'@' or Linus, the named Human Master Coder. (Linus, the Human Master
Coder, mumbles arcane do { formulae } while (0)!  Some kind of force
seems to attack your mind.  Everything suddenly looks so different...
You are confused.)  Visit the greater spellbook vault at


or re-attune yourself to the git plane (in case you are already
connected to the mana flow of Cogito) for updated powerful

  Most of it is upstream stuff. Otherwise, almost everything are
bugfixes and updates to deal better with the mighty pack stuff.
Important bugfixes is fixed parent-id (cg-admin-uncommit, subsequently)
and massive pull fixes w.r.t. pulling from packed repositories and
cross-filesystem local pull.

  Oh, don't get used too much to the new cg-info script's semantics,
I want to move the functionality to cg-status; I just forgot to do it
before tagging the release and only remembered it now.

  May the sun always shine on you,

                        Petr "the High Elven Codethrower" Baudis
Stuff: http://pasky.or.cz/
You play too little rogue-like RPG games, apparently.
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