On Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Ok.  Only the dumb methods are allowed.

Well, no, you can actually do git-clone-pack by hand in that git archive,
and it will use the smart packing to get the other end, even if it is
totally unrelated to the current project.

But you have to do it by "hand" in the sense that none of the nice helper
scripts will help you to do this. Merging two unrelated projects really is
a very special operation. I've done it once (gitk into git), and I don't
think we'll see it done very many times again.

> > So if you only get one branch, it will leave the objects that are specific 
> > to other branches alone.
> Hmm.  As I recall reading the code it grabs everything that is
> in .git/refs/*.

Only by default.

If you specify a branch (or five) git-clone-pack will grab only that

However, I don't think "git clone" (the script) even exposes that, so
right now you'd not even see it - "git clone" only exposes the "get all
the branches by default" behaviour.

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