gives me the following error:

progress: 2 objects, 921 bytes
error: File 2a7e338ec2fc6aac461a11fe8049799e65639166 (
7e338ec2fc6aac461a11fe8049799e65639166) corrupt

Cannot obtain needed blob 2a7e338ec2fc6aac461a11fe8049799e65639166
while processing commit 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
error: cannot map sha1 file 2a7e338ec2fc6aac461a11fe8049799e65639166
cg-pull: objects pull failed
cg-init: pull failed

What's happening now? On the other local tree (I had already checked out a 
I get other kind of problems, so I can't use it either.

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