On Wed, 13 Jul 2005, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Anyway, this would be a _wonderful_ interface for read-only updates, ie 
> people pulling from my (and other peoples) git repositories.

I guess I should say what the interface is, so that people don't have to 
read the sources to find out..

On the server side:

        # mark all repositories you want to export with the
        # "git-daemon-export-ok" file in the .git directory..
        # .. and let the port (9418) through any firewalls etc,
        # of course

        git-daemon >& logfile &

(NOTE! "git-daemon" will not disassociate from any tty's or anything fancy 
like that.)

On the client side:

        git pull 

And you're done.

(or "git clone", for that matter - I just fixed a one-liner that caused
"clone" to not work, so make sure that you have a commit that says 'Fix
the "close before dup" bug in clone-pack too').

If you want to use a different port number (maybe 9418 is some really 133t 
port, and google just doesn't know about it), you can give git-daemon a 
"--port=x" command line argument, and you can use


on the client side. At least that was my intention, I didn't actually test 
whether that worked (but the default port has been tested).

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