I've updated my git quickstart guide at


It now points to DaveJ's daily snapshots for the initial bootstrap tarball, is reorganized for better navigation, and other things.

Also, a bonus recipe:  how to import Linus's pack files (it's easy).

This recipe presumes that you have a vanilla-Linus repo (/repo/linux-2.6) and your own repo (/repo/myrepo-2.6).

$ cd /repo/myrepo-2.6
$ git-fsck-cache                # fsck, make sure we're OK
$ git pull /repo/linux-2.6/.git # make sure we're up-to-date
$ cp -al ../linux-2.6/.git/objects/pack .git/objects
$ cp ../linux-2.6/.git/refs/tags/* .git/refs/tags
$ git-prune-packed
$ git-fsck-cache                # fsck #2, make sure we're OK

This recipe reduced my kernel.org sync from ~50,000 files to ~5,000 files.


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