On Sat, 16 Jul 2005, Ryan Anderson wrote:
> Linus, it seems, well, odd to me that you maintain two different git
> trees.


> So I used your example of the gittk merge to move git-tools into the
> main git-repository.

Fair enough. I was ready to pull your work, but it turns out that the old 
git-tools repository had things like directory entries with file mode 
100775, so git-fsck-cache complains about it. I've already suppressed 
git-fsck-cache on mode 100664 (which exists in both the kernel and git 
archives), so I could have just added the other case, but I preferred to 
just make git-convert-cache convert it, and then pull in a _converted_ 
tools archive instead.

[ Side note: I'm actually happy by how git-convert-cache was still 100%
  functional.  I haven't touched it in a long time, and it's very intimate
  with the objects, so the fact that it still worked means that we haven't 
  screwed anything up in the object format ;]

I did mostly the same things you did, except I also dropped "stripspace",
since I'd already copied it over to git (and it's now installed as
"git-stripspace") earlier. And I just called the subdirectory "tools".

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